Jim York

Courtney York is a first grade teacher in Canton, OH. She started doing DDP YOGA with her husband in January of 2014. Along with Jim, she went to Mexico for the 5th annual retreat. After visiting the DDP YOGA performance center in Atlanta during Fall 2015, she felt inspired to begin her Level 1 training to be a certified instructor. Courtney hopes to inspire women of all ages and fitness levels to become stronger.

Courtney York

From North Canton, Ohio, Jim York, a seventh grade math teacher since 2000, had always played basketball as his main form of exercise. He coached high school basketball for 14 years which paralleled his passion for playing the game. Because of aging knees and an ACL surgery in his late 30s, Jim’s playing days were limited. He had done other exercise programs, but ran into the same problem of achy knees as a result. Searching for a daily yoga routine online in January of 2014, Jim came across DDP YOGA. He was immediately intrigued because he had been a wrestling fan since the mid 80’s. After seeing the famous Arthur Boorman video, Jim realized that if Arthur’s knees could recover from DDP YOGA, then his knees could as well. 19 months later, and Jim is now an enthusiastic DDP YOGA Level One Instructor. His knees feel better and he is still able to play basketball in addition to practicing DDP YOGA regularly. During the summer of 2015, Jim joined the DDP YOGA family in Mexico for the 5th annual retreat. During the summer of 2016, Jim completed his RYT 200 teacher training.